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Cameo STUDIO PAR 4 G2 Projecteur à LED avec 12 RGBW 4 en 1 Projecteurs

Projecteur PAR à LED avec 12 RGBW 4 en 1: 12 4 en 1 de 8 W flux lumineux de 4 100 lm, Design repensé de nombreuses optimisations du de travail, Modulation de largeur d'impulsion au choix (jusqu'à 25 kHz) pour un éclairage sans scintillement, Fonctionnement quasiment silencieux en " mode Silent Fan ", Mécanisme de retenue intuitif cadre filtre couleur, Pilotage via W DMX™ la clé iDMX Cameo disponible en option, Configuration simple écran


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Blowfish Studios Infliction

Wander through an interactive nightmare set within the confines of a once happy household. Piece together mystery behind a harrowing series of events while struggling to survive encounters an entity that relentlessly stands in way of finding absolution.


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FireFly Studios Stronghold: Warlords The Art of Campaign

Stronghold: Warlords The Art of Campaign


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Milkstone Studios Farm Together Jalapeño Pack

Farm Together Jalapeño Pack


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Pine Studio Escape Simulator: Wild West DLC

Become an outlaw in the Wild West. Moonlight wakes you up in a dirty jail cell crooked sheriff caught again! You vow to escape and pull off one last heist before disappearing completely.


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Blowfish Studios Nine Witches

When an occult German WW2 division releases an ancient curse upon the world, a supernatural problem is going to require a solution. Take control of two playable heroes as they embark on a comedic, alternate history adventure with a truly original (99.9999% guaranteed).


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Milkstone Studios Farm Together Oxygen Pack

Grow your own farm all by yourself, or cooperate with friends in this unique, relaxing farming experience!


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Jetdogs Studios Cursed

Her future, as well as of the whole world depends on her ingenuity and bravery. The path to fiancé is blocked by ghosts, dragons, demons other creatures from beyond. Will she overcome fears? find beloved? Play "Cursed" out!


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Blowfish Studios KungFu Kickball

KungFu Kickball is the fighting sports game where best kicker wins! Punch, kick, and headbutt your way across field to smash into opponents' bell rack up points!


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